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The move in Electricity Generation has shifted to Green Sources and Green Technologies as they are increasingly becoming more favourable. Gridbow has a Renewable Energy Division specifically focused on providing much needed skills in the Design, Construction Management and Construction of Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Hydro Power Stations and Bio-gas Plants.

Gridbow has extensively invested in its engineers to receive the best training in Renewable Energy and is well equipped to undertake any Renewable Energy Projects. Hellermann Tyton Gridbow, another Gridbow subsidiary is also a preferred supplier of Renewable Energy PV System Controls, Renewable Energy PV Components & Accessories, Renewable Energy Test Instruments, Renewable Energy Crimping Terminals, Renewable Energy Protection Systems -Heat Shrinkable Tubing, and a whole lot more Renewable Energy Components. Therefore Gridbow is able to provide a complete solution to any Renewable Energy Project as it is also involved in the Manufacture of the Components used in the Projects. Our Renewable Energy Projects are therefore delivered on time, at the right price and with no compromise to quality.