Gridbow has sufficient experience in executing Projects at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, Africa’s only Commercial Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear Power Station Plant Maintenance and Project work carries stringent requirements. Project work in these plants is accompanied by the most stringent of Electrical and Security Requirements. Nuclear Power Stations need regular cleaning and Maintenance schedules to ensure that they are functioning at their highest capacity and Gridbow has been providing Construction and Maintenance Support Services to Koeberg Nuclear Power Station thus proving our compliance and adherence to the highest Industry Standards.With a concentration on Health and Safety, Gridbow will ensure that work at Nuclear Power Power Plants is done as per the set stringent requirements.


It is no secret that the bulk of Electricity in Africa is generated from Coal. These Coal Power Stations are growing old and a lot of Maintenance, Refurbishment and Construction Work has to be done so as to safeguard Africa’s Energy Security while alternative Generation Technologies are explored and implemented. Gridbow’s Service Offering backed by Experience of Previous Projects at Thermal Power Plants includes-

  • Civil and Building Maintenance of Thermal Power Station Infrastructure- Maintenance of Cooling Towers, Power Station Cable Tunnels, Generation Units and all Power Station Civil and Building Infrastructure.
  • HVAC. Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Thermal Power Station Air Conditioning Systems which are core to the operation of any Power Station due to the levels of heat produced.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Power Station Overhead Lines and Cable Systems.
  • Maintaining of Power Station LV/MV/HV Electrical Systems including the Ash Water Return (AWR) network.
  • Supply and Installation of Cable Support Systems for all the Cables running across the Power Plant.
  • Specialised Cleaning Services for the Power Station.
  • Recalibration and Recertification of Power Station Test Equipment in a SANAS Approved Laboratory.
  • Supply of Electrical Equipment, Tools and Spares for the Power Station on an Urgent or Long Term basis.
  • Standby Services for Power Station Breakdowns.


Gridbow has experience in executing Civil and Electrical Projects on Hydro/Pumped Storage Power Stations. Dating back to our successful Projects at Ingula Pumped Storage Power Station, we continue to offer our EPC Services in Civil and Electrical Work.


Gridbow has been contracted by Industry Leader Aggreko as an EPC Contractor to deliver on Diesel and ADDGAS Emergency Generation Projects. These Emergency Power Generation Projects come with strict timelines and rely on Gridbow’s ability to mobilise resources across Borders in the least possible time. Work included, but was not limited to-

  • Construction of 132kV Power Lines
  • Installation of OPGW
  • Civilwork and Building of Foundations and Control Buildings
  • Steelwork Supply and Erection
  • Equipment Supply and Erection
  • Supply of Conductor, Clamps and Stringing
  • LV/MV/HV Cable Supply, Installation and Termination up to 132kV
  • Cabling and Wiring including Commissioning


Gridbow is your preferred EPC Contracting partner in all your Large Scale Battery Storage Projects. We have inhouse skills and resources to perform the following work on Battery Storage Sites

  • Construction of Site Access Road
  • Bulk Earthworks and Site Platform Preparation
  • Construction of Concrete Slabs for Battery Containers
  • Rigging and Transport of Batteries from the Port/ Manufacturer to Site
  • Mounting of Battery Containers and securing to position
  • Cabling and Wiring
  • Construction of Substation, Cable and Overhead Infrastructure to enable the connection to the Grid
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Battery Storage Site by our Trained Personnel