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    Overhead Power Lines

  • Normandie Transmission Line Earthing:

    Earthing of 173 Transmission Line Tower Structures (88kV, 132kV and 275kV)

  • Jiphutha Electrification:

    Electrification of 255 Households in Jiphutha Eastern Cape

  • Maqhwathini Electrification:

    Electrification of 279 Households in Maqhwathini Eastern Cape

  • Godhana Electrification:

    Electrification of 221 Households in Maqhwathini Eastern Cape

  • Khothana Electrification:

    Electrification of 275 Households in Maqhwathini Eastern Cape

  • Jozini Pole Change:

    Replacement of 100 rotten and damaged Poles

  • Butterworth Nqamakwe Outage:

    Replace Hacklinks with Cut-out switches, Replace 11m pole

  • Manzana All Saints Outage:

    Pole replacement with strain points, replacement of insulators

  • Idutywa Willowvale Outage:

    Replacement of Cross Arms and stringing of conductors, Replacement of poles with strain points

  • Butterworth Toleni Inspection:

    Inspections on the LV Network

  • Ncora Qamata Outage:

    Crimp jumpers, Replace Insulators, Installation of earth wire, Installtion and tensioning of stay wires, replace splice joints with auto joints, String conductor

  • Buffalo Goodrich Outage:

    Replacement of 10m and 11m Poles, Stringing of Conductors, Replacement of cross arms, tensioning of stay wires.

  • Butterworth Toleni Outage:

    Replacement of poles