Municipalities and Utilities derive their Revenue when Electricity Consumers and Customers pay for the Units they will have used. Gridbow is a preferred partner for Utililies and Municipalities for Meter Reading, Energy Management and Audits, Disconnections and Reconnections. We are currently active in 3 Provinces in South Africa where we are doing Meter Reading, Audits and Revenue Protection for Various Clients including Eskom. Our experience, expertise and latest Measuring Equipment is key to this Department’s work as we seek to help clients achieve Zero Losses and Zero Theft in their Electricity Supplies to their clients. We are also competent in Data Capturing and GPSing on points of supply so that Utilities and Municipalities can have the GPS Location and details for each Electricity Client that they supply to. This information is the same information that is needed to activate Electricity Customers so they purchase Prepaid Electricity online or from Vendors. Therefore Gridbow is the Partner of Choice in all Energy related Projects as we are able to offer a complete solution and not just a service.