Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) CEO Jack van der Merwe will, in the short term, steer the establishment of the Gauteng Transport Authority (GTA), says Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC Dr Ismail Vadi. ‘Short term’ refers to a period of six months. Van der Merwe will remain in his position as head of the GMA during this six-month period. Following the six-month period, the arrangement will be reviewed.

South Africa’s power cuts could bring economic growth for the year close to zero if they continue at the same severity seen in March, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) said. The wave of rolling blackouts that started in November and are among the worst the country has yet experienced could knock 1.1 percentage point off economic growth, the Reserve Bank said in its Monetary Policy Review released Wednesday in Pretoria, the capital. Expansion of close to zero would be the worst outcome since 2009, when former President Jacob Zuma came to power.

Chemicals and energy group Sasol reports that output at its Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO) stabilised in the third quarter, following the total shutdown of the West factory during the first half of its 2019 financial year, which had negatively affected production. In a note to shareholders, Sasol said SSO maintained stable production during the quarter, continuing to support a normalised yearly run-rate of 7.8-million tons.

The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority has awarded the contract for the construction of the Polihali diversion tunnels to the SCLC Polihali Diversion Tunnel joint venture, marking another significant step in the implementation of Phase 2 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. The contractor is expected to be on site in April, with the works expected to be completed in about 18 months. The project cost is estimated at M517-million.

There has been no increase in overall electricity demand since South Africans first began experiencing load-shedding back in 2008. Yet the threat of rotational cuts remains, because of the precipitous decline in the energy availability factor (EAF) of Eskom’s coal fleet and the underinvestment in new generation capacity. New generation capacity is required urgently in order to restore balance between supply and demand. Under a steady-state scenario, such new supply would be added in line with ...